If you are going to be in the area of Park Shore in Naples FL,why not stay at Park Shore Resort? You can enjoy the resort and all of its amenities while you search properties nearby. You are going to like the Park Shore neighborhood,and I’m going to tell you about some attractions that you might want to visit during your downtime.

These places of interest are all in or nearby Park Shore,according to a top travel site. You are going to be pretty busy finding a home to buy in the area,but you want to have some fun,too. Plus,making it by some of these attractions will help you know what there is to do in the area when you move there.

How about a relaxing day at the spa? You can stop by U-Topia Spa,which is located at 4077 Tamiami Trail North. Is it time for a massage or a facial? Maybe you want to opt for both. Search out those properties,but take some downtime at the spa. You’re on vacation,and you want to have a blast getting familiar with what is soon to be your neighborhood.

If that were the only spa,I would leave it at that. But get this,there are at least a few more in the area. One is called Happy Feet Massage,another is Spa 41,and then there is the LeMasque Facial Bar. If you’re into these types of places,get familiar with them so that you know the best spots for when you live in the neighborhood of Park Shore.

You’re also going to want to check out the Waterside Shops. And if you like jewelry,one place to visit is Ooh La La Jewels Du Jour. Those are both great shopping destinations,and then there is The Village Shops on Venetian Bay. And when it’s time for downtime,aside from the spas and the facial bar,you might want to take the family to Clam Pass Park.

Clam Pass Park is located at 465 Seagate Drive,and it features excellent public beach access. You can either make your way to the beach through the mangrove via the boardwalk,or you can catch a golf cart tram that will take you to Clam Pass Park. Either way,the spas sound fun,but so does a day at the beach. Maybe you can do both while you are in Park Shore exploring properties that are up for sale.

If you like art museums,there is a great one nearby parkshorenaplesproperties.com real estate. It’s called The Baker Museum,and its location is 5833 Pelican Bay Boulevard. There is no cost of admission,and the art museum is said to be a beautiful experience. It is a small,eclectic museum,a gem of a place according to reviews.

If you want the whole experience,you can also check out the Taste of Naples Tours. Taking one of those tours is going to find you exploring the entire city,not just Park Shore and its nearby attractions. Of course,you want to get as familiar as you can with the neighborhood in which you have chosen to live.

You are going to have a blast checking out Park Shore and everything that Naples FL has to offer its residents. Right now,you’re a tourist on vacation,but you’re soon to be a local. You have to get with a realtor and start looking at properties. Find one you like in Park Shore,and you can enjoy all of these wonderful things to do that you’re getting a good look at while on vacation.